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WithChrisWebHere’s the thing about me… I live in a mostly white middle class college town in a clean and tidy neighborhood with the elementary school a block away and 3 kids and a dog and a marriage of 18 years in a house with sprinklers and stainless steel appliances and…

on any given day in any given conversation half of my brain is usually preoccupied with something far different- something that makes me feel like a fish out of water most of the time.

I am thinking about women being raped in the Congo or Afghan girls braving the trek to school or the disabled in Turkey sequestered behind closed doors in shame or lack of services. I think about what God is up to in the world with the Middle East unravelling or where he is stirring me in areas of artistic expression. I wonder at the beauty of good coffee, a robust glass of wine, an invigorating hike, rich conversation, and the feast of it all for our senses and spirituality. I dream about finding a group of people to share it all with, to debate and wonder and marvel at it all.

I see my kids and our discussions and the rhythm of our family as an expression of bringing God’s kingdom to earth. I love the public school because it brings hard conversations to the dinner table. Hurtful friends and broken families remind us to be thankful and merciful and to pray. Doubt and curiosity compel us to seek truth together. We digest and process and shape and form… together.

They are the future. They are the next generation of kingdom dwellers. It is my joy and duty to send them forth prepared and wise.

Aidan, age 13. Ella, age 10. Sophie, age 7. And me, Beth, age 39 and Chris, age 40.

Welcome to our kitchen!

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  1. March 26, 2013 2:52 am

    Hi! Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog…I have about 15 different windows open on my computer at all times…but I think it was from googling “missions photography.” I, too, have (well, God has!) a non-profit that addresses human trafficking. And faces from across the globe pop into my mind…beckoning me to capture them with my camera. Wish your kitchen was closer to mine!

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