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Avalanche Team does an Injustice to all Women

November 1, 2013

UNiTE_Poster_A_smWhile I am not a hockey fan, I am a fan of men, athletes or not, who treat women with dignity and respect. The opposite holds true then. I am not a fan of violent athletes who treat women like objects or the condoning coach who puts said man right back on the starting line-up 2 days later.

This week’s charges against Colorado Avalanche’s starting goaltender, Semyon Varlamov, are unsettling enough. His girlfriend has accused him of kidnapping and assault. However, I find it more disturbing that coach, Patrick Roy, himself involved in a domestic violence call in 2000, is putting him back in the game 48 hours later. And even more appalling is the Judge who granted permission to travel and a $5000 bond for his release!

The message I hear is that it’s okay for men to get drunk and beat up women. What do you hear?

Innocent until proven guilty. But even if Varlamov is innocent, Roy and Avalanche should take the moral high ground and bench him until the facts are revealed. Avalanche should set an example that violence against women is intolerable, even if the bruises do not justify a felony charge.

I’m particularly wound up because of a suspected trafficked victim I learned about involving the Colorado ICE indoor football team. Though unsubstantiated, it is another example of an athlete abusing and exploiting women with impunity.

I expect more from athletic teams, coaches, athletes, Judges, and men in general. As November 25 approaches, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, let us take note of this case and the message it sends: Women face violence everyday without justice.

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