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My First World Problem

April 19, 2013

The search for the remaining Boston suspect continues…

my mind still lingers on yesterday’s anniversary of the martyrdom of three co-workers in Turkey 6 years ago…

but if I’m honest, I’ll tell you that I sip my green smoothie thinking about the henna experiment of last week.

I am FULLY aware that this is a first world problem. My henna dye fiasco. It’s the truth folks. I am distracted by the results. But stay tuned for my current real-world-problem, ’cause I have those too. Let’s not hide the complexity and multiplicity of the layers of our lives, right?


To begin, you’ll recall that I am conflicted by the choices we have to eat and live healthy. In this vein, I bought an all natural henna based hair dye to replace my normal $6.79 chemical choice. It took me an entire week to muster the courage to use it and I have to say it’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever done to my body:

photophoto (1)

It makes a frightening green paste that smells so bad my son nearly choked taking these pictures. And, while I had tested my skin sensitivity (alarming enough to read as #1 in the directions!) and about 20 strands of hair, I was still afraid to leave it on too long. Suffice it to say, this was the messiest process imaginable!

Results: it seemed to get darker over time, finally stopping the next morning at a shade which indeed covered the gray, but failed to cover the previous color in the same shade. So, now I have a strip of darker color where my gray had been and a crusty area that won’t wash out, almost like it is burned.

The verdict is out, but hair dye might be added to my category of things I have accepted just might kill me one day.

It speaks to what I’m concluding in this whole agonizing health quest. We make daily choices which are weighed against other commodities- time, relationships, memory-making, and finances. Each of these are relative to our own lives. I have a son who has begged me to give him wheat and is starting to enjoy being elsewhere because of what they’ll feed him! I have kids who opt out of “Vanilla Bean Scones” at Starbucks because they know from experience it MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE BEANS IN IT (can we say PTSD?)

Their enjoyment of our home and family, dinner time and playful times when we “cheated” are so much more important to me than the risk of eating wheat, or animal products, or non-organic, or from something caged.

I have chosen to relax.

Yesterday I ordered pizza delivery for our unexpected snow day (I have been making homemade pizza for 5 years!) But I’m not giving up learning about things our bodies need and crave, nutritional elements I believe could radically reverse numerous conditions which are growing prevalent in our nation. And, I have to remain committed to a pure supply chain so as not to knowingly buy food at the expense of others.

But can we do so with sanity? Embracing our humanity, our non-perfect-ness? And recognize our balance of life’s commodities will most probably look different than hers, and his. It’s okay. Let’s relax.


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