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In Search of Story

April 7, 2013

The seasonal change from winter to spring is the most refreshing time of year. The first burst of green stretching forth from the thawing ground, the chirping of birds come home, and the warmth of sun allowing feet and arms to go unclothed are signs for us that it’s time to go to the mountains again.

As our Season Pass indicates, we typically start our year in Rocky Mountain National Park at the beginning of April. Lured to the peaks, we forget snow still hides in shaded crevices and the wind turns 60 degrees into a chilly 40. But we go. We are drawn.

Estes Mountains Web

My husband comes alive, as seen in his pattern of calling our attention to awe and wonder and crazy God questions. Yesterday it was this: “Why do you think God made rocks and ground? Of all the things he could have created to form this world, why that?”

Dad and Girls Web

The thinkers know their ideas are welcome and safe. The one studying character development says, “Maybe He created the world with his character marked on it. Like, the rocks are strong and stable just like He is strong.”

“Oh, and the dirt gives life and we can trust it.”

“And the trees grow in all sorts of directions, going where they want, like God.”

I was nearby, camera in hand. My husband had asked me to create images for a new website look, but did he know I needed a quest for detail? My soul has craved story for as long as it has missed the green, hibernating in a long season of gray. It needed to hunt. For awe and wonder, to find story.

Tree Web

The story unfolding from the girls thoughtful conversation: the character of God fashioned into all of creation.

Moss on Tree Web

He is in the garage now, making lockers and shelves and bringing order to his domain. Winter coats and boots and sleds and flat bike tires and tubes have brought the tipping point to a weekend of construction and home improvement. “Renovation” my HGTV addicts say. But it is what he has craved in the long months of cold sloth.

As I have craved creativity, inspiration, words and projects and energy to do them well.

I have been in search of beauty and not realized it. Desiring story because it felt as if I had lost the plot.

Rocks Web


But as strong and stable are the rocks, is the character of God, who made story and writes still, waiting for me to catch up on what has developed while I dozed.


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