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What happens when you get it right?

April 3, 2013

I’m no super mom.

In fact, lately I feel like a hypocrite. And fatigued. And a bit lost.

I picked up a magazine the other day highlighting 100 people to watch. Folks who are innovators, inventors, creatives, builders, and just all around bringing about good stuff in the world. Their stories make me want to know them and I find it thrilling to read of out-of-the-box thinkers who are making.stuff.happen. And there it is, the lie: “I can’t make stuff happen.”

IMG_0434In fact, as much as I dream of making.stuff.happen and have raised children who, I find I am often too tired to follow thru. The creative mini-me has started a writing club at school and the librarian thankfully agreed to host before I could say no, but now said child also wants to raise money for the humane society and is emptying her room of items to sell and filling our kitchen table with posters to hang. All of which translates into Mom exerting energy to help daughter fulfill passionate 

We have shifted. We have transitioned from the brainwashing and lesson making and inquiry based conversations where Mom sets the course, has the agenda, and gets the stage. In fact, they know me so well and have become such artists with words that they tease and mock what they know is coming. On one level, it has worked! I should gloat.

But you who has gone before, who is currently smiling, who owns the life stage before me and has already experienced this surprising plot twist… you know that the roles reverse. There will be no gloating. We have shifted.

The time to talk is over. Now we must do. and live. and allow. and follow. and inspire and be inspired.

I came across this great curriculum today, wishing I had had it years ago and thinking my kids are too impatient now for stories of kids around the globe and activities about empathy. They know. And now they are taking it into their own hands. Responding. Dreaming. And trying to make stuff happen.

My girls and I (son too) love The Newsies. Love it. Do you know the story? Early 20th century, New York City, child labor related injustice is set right. That’s the story. And that’s why we love it! Because God loves it when injustices are set right. The part of us that loves that storyline is the part of God wired into us. We name it and live into it and watch again and again.

The kids are responding to the wiring of God in their hearts. They are responding to injustice and trying to set things right.

My prayer is that in my Mom-weariness I will not stop them. My hope is that I would be humble enough to follow their passion now, trusting in the foundation I’ve laid, and be open to their lessons.

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