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VDay- 1 Billion Rising

February 14, 2013

Valentines Day. Parties and candy, chocolates and streamers. Everything red. Fun surprises and an extra dose of love. Contrived and consumeristic or not, does it matter? Just a day to remind them you love them, and to remind yourself…

That is, when all is well.

I am fully aware today is not well for some friends.

And for many women around the world, most days are not well.

One in 3 women will be either raped or beaten in their lifetime. And for these billion sisters, today is V Day. The day in which 1 billion women are rising up to stand against violence all.around.the.globe. (The following clip is hard to watch.)

In their honor, I share this poem that I recently wrote for A Face to Reframe’s youth poetry slam.


If I were to describe a scene that haunts my mind
surely you would think it barbaric, historical
that a woman would be treated like that
And yes, she is from Deuteronomy
And yes, she is in South Sudan
But I met her in Loveland last month too

And it makes me angry because she should be treasured
Not violated and discarded
But valued and esteemed

If I were to tell a story of a place I saw
surely you would think me dreaming, telling fiction
that men would do that to their sisters, mothers
And yes, she is from Esther
And yes, she is in Bangkok
But I saw her at the strip club Friday night too

And it makes me angry because she should be treasured
Not exploited and broken
But valued and esteemed

But if I were to tell a story of a dream I dream
surely your soul would soar with hope and intrigue
that a woman can be set free, restored to glory
And yes, it is a long road
And yes, some turn back
But I know a girl who lives this dream

She was angry, felt worthless
Exploited and broken
Not valued, not esteemed

But now she shares her story and there is beauty in the pain
Betrayed by her own blood, sold as if a slave
Rescued from that hell, through kindness in a cell
And now, she stands with women from all around the world
And with courage, in timidity, offers her femininity
Now free, restored to glory

She knows that she is treasured, and my anger can subside
No longer violated
Now valued, now esteemed.

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  1. February 14, 2013 8:44 pm

    Mmmmmmm…. 🙂

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