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Happily Clad

September 20, 2012

I have come to believe that my mother-in-law owns a secret storage locker somewhere nearby. A visit is never unaccompanied by odds and ends that keep coming, month after month after year (going on year 3 of living close enough to receive these items). The loot typically falls into 3 categories: the second item packaged in bulk from Sam’s Club (gallon jar of peanut butter, medicine, Lipton Ice Tea, you get the point); pillow cases (I kid you not, they are endless); jewelry (usually something Native American).

As she well knows, these items have at times been sold on ebay and paid for grad school, passed on to cause related garage sales, used for the kids’ imaginative destructive play, and at times, consumed… voraciously. They are not unappreciated. But unsolicited. You get the difference.

Just when I think there can’t possibly be more stuff to “discover” in her basement, she surprises me. Today she came up with a trunk load of loot. Sure enough, the top 3 categories were represented.

But hidden beneath pillow cases, was an unexpected gem. And I am SO giddy with excitement!

Back story… 21 years ago I spent a fun and friend filled summer in Colorado. I bought fabulous cowboy boots and trotted off to college in Chicago. Please note, this was before cowboy boots had hit Urban Outfitters. None of my friends had the decency to tell me they were out of place on Michigan Avenue. I loved those things.

So when we actually moved here 2 years ago, it was the first thing on my dream list. But I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. I got some inexpensive ones for my daughter and drooled. We went to the rodeo and I drooled. My sister-in-law visited and I helped her shop for some and my drool mixed with my niece’s in my arms.

Last year, I finally found some fake leather cheapie ones. They proceeded to cause eczema around my calves, creating an uncontrollable itch, but I wore them anyways. Until the heal cracked.

I just took family photos and they all had cowboy boots! I drooled some more. But this time I was okay. I just read Jen Hatmaker’s Seven (best book EVER and my long lost other self) and she talks all about how her cowboy boots became symbolic of her commitment to the God of justice and dying to self. I was resolved I didn’t NEED these things to happily live in this State! Geez!

But beneath the pillow cases…. not one, but TWO pairs of vintage, in perfect condition, real leather just like my eczema-inducing fakers, cowboy boots!!!

Now, tell me our God doesn’t see our hearts and smile at our crazy selves and then decide to just bless our socks off now and again? And yes, they are already on my sock-less feet!

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  1. September 21, 2012 3:10 am

    hahaha! ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. October 19, 2012 2:54 am

    Yay, Beth! It is so funny that I should stumble upon this blog post just now because it so encourages me. All my life I have dreamed of having a pair of cowboy boots. I’ve always loved horses and loved to ride borrowed horses whenever I could growing up. But once I married and had all the kids there was always a million other things that they needed or we needed to buy so I never even told anyone of my “silly little thing.” But finally I spoke up because this year on oct. 15th I turned 49. And, at the kids urging finally, agonizingly, took the plunge and got some boots with a old rebate card that was about to expire. Is it bad that I feel so giddy about such a material thing? I hope not…because they make me smile a bit. I think every woman should have a real pair of cowgirl boots in her life. Enjoy yours 😉

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