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Justice in Dreams

August 30, 2012

She is your daughter. That’s what my husband said to me through teary eyes this morning after hearing of our 9 year old daughter’s dream of the night.

Dreams are interesting things. I too had an unnerving dream two nights ago that left me wondering it’s meaning and influenced my treatment of same daughter all day. Are dreams mere products of the bits and pieces of our days, emotions working themselves out in our sub-conscious? Are they the overflow of our character, hopes, preoccupations? How about messages from heaven? How often is God trying to get our attention in the crevices of quiet nights when our defenses and stubbornness go to sleep?

Ella dreamt of a legless woman on the streets of San Francisco. She was poor and hungry and only had a small box full of make-up, because she wanted to look beautiful. Another woman passed by and offered her a mint. The next day, the mint-bearing woman came again and offered to take her to a hotel and pay for a room. Together they entered the nearest hotel, but were turned away. The manager said she was too smelly and dirty to sleep on their sheets. Defeated and degraded, the legless woman returned to her street corner. But the next day, the kind woman came with clothes and washcloths and helped to clean her new friend and care for her.

I am struck by many things in the unfolding of Ella’s story. Namely, that this level of mercy is not new for her and it makes me curious about her calling, her future. Secondly, I see Jesus in the caring woman and wonder at how he is beckoning us, through her dream, to follow his example, pick up the sponge and reveal beauty beneath. Thirdly, how astute of Ella’s sub-conscious to tap in on the innate need to be beautiful despite circumstances that would prevent it. But mostly, I am struck by the beauty in my daughter’s compassionate dream and repulsion of injustice. I will hold this morning close to my heart.

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  1. jack permalink
    August 30, 2012 5:57 pm

    That is beautiful and I know your heart is full being thankful the the Lord for the creation of such a precious little one. WOW, so touching

  2. September 3, 2012 10:51 am

    Ditto with above comment. Truly so beautiful, touching, and compelling.

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