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Whimsy Fonts and Muted Colors

June 27, 2012

I judge books by their covers. I do. I also judge wineries and breweries by their labels, towns by their flower pots, and grocery stores by the size of their aisles.

Today we went to the library and I LEFT the kids in their section, feeling desperate, having been without a gripping STORY for two weeks now. I always feel a tad bit untethered when I am not in a story. I have a stack of books whose titles would make you smile, but they don’t have story. I have a hold list a mile long, but that hasn’t helped in these last two weeks. I had come to the point of walking through the aisles with no other direction than the look of the book’s cover!

My eyes are drawn to anything artsy, with muted colors and whimsy fonts. If it looks in the slightest Middle Eastern, it is mine. I do not like bright colors or bold blocks. I aslo do not like titles that are phrases or almost sentences unless they are humorously and intentionally long. I like alliteration and chose the title: Serving Crazy With Curry. It helped that the author’s name was Amulya Malladi. I liked the sound and it is definitely Eastern! Of course, the woman on the cover decked in classic Indian gold convinced me. I think it is about cooking and creating beauty out of food and finding an identity through the process. I like those topics too.

I also left with a typical Beth book… Homelessness.

My husband and I talk a lot about judging books by their covers, and by books, I mean people, and by covers, I mean the put together happy faces that we so often give to each other. Our church is full of books that have confused me. Which aisle am I in??? Most churches I have ever attended have a clear category of the audience. I have always felt comfortable with knowing, roughly, the kind of person I am going to encounter on an average Sunday. But now we are a part of a large church with people that seem to span the breadth of Barnes and Nobles! At first glance, it seemed to draw the important people of our city. The Pastor is friends with the Mayor and stuff like that. And there are plenty of glamorous looking folks around. But there are plenty of outwardly broken people too. I have actually grown uncomfortable with not having a clear sense of which aisle I am in!

Until I heard more of the vision of the church; that the audience is broken people whether outwardly apparent or not. That they have actually created an environment in which the rich and poor, in spirit and finances, can co-exist and co-worship. That sometimes the difference in the glamorous and the disheveled is better grooming and acting. That I can also fall into these categories, more malleable than stagnant in my own walk with God.

As it turns out, while I might always judge books by their covers and wine by their labels, perhaps I should be more aware of doing that with people. Jesus drew a motley crew of followers and hung out with an even more diverse one, but only he knew their wounds, hopes, and true heart.

It begs the question, how do people view my cover? Which aisle would they shelve me on?

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  1. Alicia permalink
    July 9, 2012 6:10 pm

    This was a very thoughtprovoking post…I’m still chewing on it. Thanks. Hope that your family is doing well.
    PS I miss the library!

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