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Hat Parade: Queen of Multi-tasking

May 24, 2012

Calling all moms who can relate to feeling fragmented, to being the quintessential Queen of multi-tasking. I need your empathy, because I know I am not alone!

My day… normal, as normal days go…

Wake up when my body wakes me up (and the merciless sun) and thanks to my husband, not when the dog barks because her beloved has left for the gym. He now takes her with him.

Egg the girls over and over and OVER to eat, brush their hair, AND teeth, go back and get socks, that match! We are out the door, two of us a block behind the other. And I go inside school to drop off fliers about two of my classes for this summer for the 5th graders (my new favorite age group), as well as finished projects for the photography club I ran this year… all via Visual Storytellers, a subset of Beth Bruno Photography.

Ella’s teacher passes me and asks if I’m bringing the food for the potluck and informs me that my nice and tidy “fit in between my meeting/getting the youngest and lunch time plan” won’t work. She is moving up the potluck time to mean: rush from meeting straight to school which means go home NOW, before meeting and make salad and take with me.

But I haven’t prepared for meeting! And neighbor wants to talk on way home about paint colors and teachers.

So now I am cramming. I have 20 minutes to get my notes together and make a stupid salad because by now I don’t even have time to do what a sane mother would have done all along: pick up something premade at the store!

Salad made, on a ice pack, dressing in cup holder. Off to meeting…

Where I put on ministry hat. We talk about domestic sex trafficking and statistics for a new website and video the church is making and how we can serve at the Convoy of Hope day in August and I gain a new Advisory Board member for my other hat!

And I literally speed walk to the car, to the school, where another mother intersects me in front, cell phone to ear, calling me because I am 4 minutes late and the teacher is freaking my daughter out for not having her potluck food!

With minutes to spare, I am there ON TIME for the kindergartner and just in time to intersect with another friend and School Board Member to briefly catch up regarding the hat I wear most and a new idea I am concocting with middle school kids.

I am there long enough to be the last of 3… we end up bringing the other two friends home with us (which all moms know is actually strategically brilliant because it buys us more time while child is entertained… or so we like to think).

Lunch (YES, we are just now to lunch!) is always the most painful for me when it comes to play dates. I have never had patience for pickiness. My kids eat their crusts and finish their food if they want cookies and don’t get sugar on strawberries! But alas, they are playing and now I put on hat number… have you kept count?

Mother of a gluten-free kid! I am determined to find a cheaper alternative to Pam’s Mix when it comes to yummy gluten free/low sugar bread and cookies. So scour the internet I do and pin several options that I can actually make right now with the pantry full of a ridiculous number of flours and starches and stuff. Meanwhile, dinner is cooking, kids are playing, and I play several business/”streamline your creativity into something productive” podcasts in the background.

And the day progresses with an email there, a phone call here, dishes and another load of laundry, hat change switch, hat change switch… after which I call husband and tell him he CANNOT come home without a bottle of wine.

But even as I write it all, I LOVE it all! I love being a mother, and involved in fighting sex trafficking, and teaching photography to kids, and developing a meaningful nonprofit, and keeping a home, and dreaming about the next thing I’m going to create. And I would never buy something premade at the store, because I’m just insane like that.

So, I guess the empathy I desire is from those of you who get it. You too just want someone to see the craziness of the hat parade and smile, because you have your own. And you love it too, don’t you? I know you do!

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  1. Joy permalink
    May 24, 2012 5:14 pm

    Yes! I completely get it! Trying to work from home so I can be a “stay at home mom”, trying to enjoy these last couple of hours of freedom, and then getting a phone call that takes me running out to Timnath, driving frantically back here, and whew! It’s 11:10 so I still have about 15 minutes to work on my website before going to pick up Evan and then off to Red Robin and a million more errands before coming home again.
    In the midst of the busy days, YOU are a great mom and beautiful person! I know you and I both try to daily give our kids the grace and love that we have been given, and ask for mercy and forgiveness when we don’t succeed at that. Every day is a new day!

  2. Alicia permalink
    June 3, 2012 4:16 pm

    Hey many-hatted friend, I didn’t know that you have a gluten free kid in your fam! Me too! We should swap some recipes sometime 🙂 Love to you. I love how you write!

    • Beth Bruno permalink
      June 11, 2012 8:09 pm

      Yes, but it’s certainly less challenging than where YOU live, I’m sure! Are you on pinterest? I have a gluten free board there with some good recipes. I also just copied a bunch from G-Free Living Cookbook which were great! How do you get flours? Do you bring a bunch with you?

  3. July 3, 2012 4:28 am

    Beth – you’re a gem, hats one through a million and one. I am so thankful for your influence, encouragement and counsel – your friendship. Thanks for taking time for all of it – you bless so many so often. I have some GF flours I would love to donate to the cause for hat number … um….three?! Remind me PLEASE and I will give you what I have.

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