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October 31, 2011

Last night I took our 8 year old daughter to a viewing of Live58 at our church (a film/initiative to eradicate extreme poverty in our generation). Besides a few other kids and my own, I was among the youngest there. An audience of white hair from a church full of all generations. Initially surprised and then dismayed, I am now pleased. Up until now in my journey into justice issues, I have been surrounded by the generation behind my own- young(er) Christians eager to put action to their faith. Just last week I attended a book release, God in the Brothel, and was among the oldest in the audience. But if we are to truly “fast forward the end of poverty”, every generation will be required.

Perhaps the most heart wrenching snapshot of the film is the interview of 3 brothers, bonded slaves in a rock quarry in India. They are asked, “If God were here, what would you ask him for?” The youngest yells, “sweets!” The second squeals, “a bicycle!” And then the camera focuses on the oldest, a 12 year old boy. “I have desires and dreams, but my dreams will never come true. So, let me not have any dreams at all.”

Let me not have any dreams at all.

Personally, I cannot stand to think that there are kids in our world who would ask God to take away their dreams.

“To be compassionate costs something” Compassion International President, Wes Stafford.

Today, I am wondering what my fast will be?

Take a few minutes to watch this clip. Check out the website. Bring the film to your church.

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