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Would that all children…

July 8, 2011

I posted some thoughts on the state of human rights in Turkey over at A Face to Reframe today. It makes me think of children in the U.S. and indeed, my own sister in law, who have grown up in such a different environment! But the cause for rights for the disabled is rather recent history in America. It was the civil rights movement which really launched the shift in culture for the disabled. For that, I have hope for Turkey yet!

For me, this picture captures the mockery of “handicap accessible” and speaks to a larger, more insidious failure to value all people. Abuse, injustice, bribery, corruption, lack of follow through, and gross neglect stem from a failure to see the inherent worth in each individual. Only God can restore a people to the image he sees them. Oh, but that he would here!

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