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My version of Proverbs 31

June 8, 2011

Our home church in Chicago asked me to prepare a response to Proverbs 31 for Mother’s Day for an artistic fusion presentation! I read that to mean “take liberties.” And liberties I would need to be able to respond thoughtfully to the over used, guilt inducing, phantom-woman-all-Christian-girls-should-aspire-to-be passage. At least, that’s how I always felt.

As I read and reread with an attentiveness to my own story in this woman’s story, I found gems of life I wouldn’t mind exuding and a heroine archetype I could appreciate. Here is the passage, in my words:

Lord, if you would make me but a glimmer of the esteemed woman of Proverbs 31,

make me a wife that my husband brags of
and a worker discontent with mediocrity;

make me prosperous, with a desire to improve
that I might be generous,
with a generosity that is attentive and intentional;

might I save well for my children’s sake
through creativity and industrious hands;

might I be a wise and forever student
leading in thought and action in our home
that I might be worthy of praise.

And if I fail in all, make me your instrument
bearing your image, revealing your glory,
and helping women to do the same.

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