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Envisioning into my children

March 3, 2011


Posted on February 27, 2010

I have delighted in rich conversations as of late with my girls and their compassionate take on the world. It is therefore not a big leap to do a little envisioning into their futures. When Ella burst into tears after singing at a nursing home with our church, declaring her life’s mission to help them get better, I seized upon her mercy gland and we talked about it for weeks.


My 3 1/2 year old Sophie asks an abundant amount of questions about our bodies and nutrition, asking for healthy food for breakfast and lunch and concerned about vitamin C and such. So I started painting a picture of her becoming a doctor and traveling around helping people. She quickly corrected me that she wanted to be a cowgirl, but I’m quicker. I suggested she be a doctor that rides horses to remote areas where the people really needed medicine. She loved that idea and said I could come too, to take care of her horse for her.

I have no qualms shaping and molding their hopes and dreams. I want to take the glimpses of glory revealed to me in moments of tender rawness and envision what it could become in their future. It is one of the greatest gifts I hope to give them… a solid trajectory as they leave our home, rooted in reflection and mirroring of what I see in them.

I’ve been a bit more mystified as to how to envision into Aidan and honestly doubted if there was a compassionate gland in his body. The utter lack of ambition is hard to relate to. Even video game testing required too many pre-requisites for Aidan to dream about. For a Mom who needs many lifespans to do all she’d like to do, the lack of dreaming was scary!

And then we started reading the youth version of Three Cups of Tea together.

He LOVES it! He can’t wait to read it at night and begs to read more than my voice can take. He suffers through my many tearful moments (even though I’ve read it 3x) and is now using some Arabic terms in normal speech. When the village chief who started it all for Greg Mortenson died last night, Aidan was crushed. And yesterday, when Ella asked what the first language on earth was (one of her many random questions) Aidan exclaimed, “Was it Balti?”

Culture, language, adventure, and the heroism of a normal guy have captivated him. The signs of a third culture kid shining through. Something to seize upon! I have found my next travel companion for A Face to Reframe!

Now if I can arrange for Sophie to practice medicine in the same country that Ella wants to care for the elderly and Aidan wants to travel around helping remote villagers, I will be one happy Mom!

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